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Most awaited movies to watch. Only Box office Old Hindi movie hits from 1950s till late 1990s CLASSIC COLLECTION.

How about takin' a break from watchin' "Hinglish Movies" for a while :)

Break away, to find the real entertainment and real performances by the LEGENDS.

E N J O Y !

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Chhoti Si Baat, is a 1975 Bollywood romantic comedy film. The film's title means "One small thing" in Hindi. One of the best Hindi comedy films of the 70s - is a nostalgic favourite for its quirky take on pre-hypercongestion Bombay.


Chhoti Si Baat is an endearing, lovable comedy about a painfully shy young man Arun Pradeep (Amol Palekar), who lacks self-confidence and fails to stand up for convictions, in the process letting all and sundry walk all over him. He falls in love with Prabha Narayan (Vidya Sinha) after catching a glimpse of her at the bus stop enroute to work. Lacking enough courage to approach her, he pines for her from afar while following her to her office, home, in the bus.... Prabha fully aware of his affections, secretly relishes the fact and loves seeing him squirm in discomfort, while waiting for him to make the first move.

While, Arun seems hopelessly stuck, wondering what to do next, in comes the suave, brash Nagesh Shastri (Asrani), a colleague of Prabha's from work and emerges a serious rival for Prabha's attention. It doesn't help that he appears to be miles ahead of Arun in the "race" and is all that Arun is not-He's gregarious while Arun is shy, he's confident and boastful, while Arun is besieged with self-doubt, he's smooth, while Arun is awkward, he's street smart, while Arun's naïve, he's assertive while Arun's timid. All in all not a very good sign for Arun. Plus the fact that he owns a scooter further ensures that he would have enough opportunities to offer a ride to Prabha, while Arun can only look on. A gullible Arun, trying to match Nagesh with a bike of his own is taken for a ride when he's saddled with a dud, further embarrassing him in front of Prabha. He seeks salvation in astrology, tarot cards, dubious godmen only to land up with the egg on his face.

Duration: 2hrs.20mins

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