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Most awaited movies to watch. Only Box office Old Hindi movie hits from 1950s till late 1990s CLASSIC COLLECTION.

How about takin' a break from watchin' "Hinglish Movies" for a while :)

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DIL 1990

Dil is a 1990 Bollywood film starring Aamir Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Anupam Kher and Saeed Jaffrey. It was directed by Indra Kumar. Music composed by Anand-Milind


Dil talked about the age-old story of love between the rich and the poor, with a small difference.

Hazriprasad (Anupam Kher) is a miser. Such a miser that if a fly were to drop into his cup of tea, he would squeeze out the last drop of tea from the fly before drinking the tea from the cup. Raja (Aamir Khan) was Hazari Prasad's only son. And the exact opposite of his father. As while Hazari Prasad saved 'Laxmi' (wealth) in his safe vault, Raja squandered it away. He was the extravagant son of a stingy father. Hazari Prasad had high hopes of removing all the money spent by his son by getting him married to a rich man's daughter and getting dowry in exchange. So, he started looking for a multi-millionaire father who had just one daughter and lots of 'Laxmi' to give away on the marriage day. Mr. Mehra (Saeed Jaffrey) fitted the bill. A millionaire with just one daughter, Madhu Mehra (Madhuri Dixit), was just the man Hazari Prasad was looking for. Hazari Prasad immediately got down to impress Mr. Mehra by pretending he too is a millionaire businessman. And sure enough, he succeeded in creating a good impression on Mehra. As time passed Hazari Prasad and Mr. Mehra become the best of friends. And as was expected, they both decided to get their children married. Little did they realise that their children, Madhu and Raja, hated each other. However, when the fathers got to know about it, they were extremely disheartened and disappointed. Especially Hazari Prasad, who saw his dreams of a fat dowry going down the drain. On the other hand, Raja and Madhu's practical pranks on each other in college, took a serious turn. Raja tried teaching Madhu a lesson and in the bargain got her to see his honesty and simplicity. Hate changed to love and their fathers who were waiting this change were extremely excited and happy. They wasted no time in fixing up a date for their engagement. Mr. Mehra gets to know the truth about Hazriprasad's low status and publicly insults him at Raj and Madhu's engagement party. Hazriprasad breaks the marriage. The lovers Raj and Madhu now face an ordeal in the form of unrelenting fathers. Hazari Prasad on the other hand, was seething with anger and was waiting for an opportunity to take his revenge on Mehra for humilitiating him. And the only way he could hit back at his dost-turned-dushman was trough his daughter Madhu. So what, if his son Raja was madly in love with her.
Did Hazari Prasad succeed in taking his revenge? Did Mehra succeed in keeping his daughter away from Raja? Did the young lovers Raja and Madhu, in spite of the trials, tribulations and tortures, stay together?

Duration: 2Hrs.30mins


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